Sunday Kids Club

Children who come to St Nicholas have a great time on a Sunday from 10am to 11am.  They start in the Church Hall (St Nicholas Room) where, after a short and lively time of worship they do lots of activities.  During this time they do all or some of these :- MAKE THINGS..  LEARN ABOUT JESUS..   FUN ACTIVITIES..  SING ..  PLAY GAMES..   DO PUZZLES.  They also get not one, but two FREE MAGS.  Then normally they come over to Church during the Communion where they receive a blessing at the Altar Rail.  At the end of the service they can show the rest of the congregation what they have been doing or what they have made.




Here are some comments from some of the children:-

Emily “I like Sundays because we learn about Jesus”

Nyree “ I enjoy the activities and learning about Jesus”

Noah “I like Sundays because we make things”

Nathan “I love everything”

New children are most welcome. If their parents wish to join them, especially in the early weeks, they are also welcome.



Pictures of the Sunday Kids Club visit to Cromer - July 2012.






Pictures of the Sunday Kids Club Picnic - July 2014.