Breakfast Fellowship

For the past year or so, our group of six Church folk have enjoyed meeting once a month for a Christian Fellowship Breakfast, in a small corner of North Walsham, where each of us live.  And, with all good news, we would like to share our thoughts with you about the benefits we have all gained from these delightful early morning informal and friendly get-togethers.

The form of our meetings has comprised a short 'Biblical' reading, followed by an off-the-cuff reflection, and well-chosen grace as we dive into the cereals, toast and marmalade, accompanied by oceans of fruit juice and a beverage of our choice.  All this hospitality ably and lovingly supplied by our two hostesses (on alternate months), who have made these breakfast meetings possible.  Conversation is encouraged and we have all enjoyed the participation, which has often proved to be food for thought to take home with us.

There has also been a practical outcome of our monthly meetings, and last year our “hand-on” involvement was the organisation of two successful Coffee Mornings, in order to raise funding for our Parish Weekend at Ditchingham.  This year we are happy to be forging links with the forthcoming Mission, and are to hold a Coffee Morning on Saturday, May 1st in Church, which hopefully will help to (in part) fund the Mission.

The practical side to our Christian Fellowship Breakfasts is not - we stress - an essential object of our monthly get-togethers, and we like to think that the outcome of our breakfast-time meetings has been more on a spiritual level, which is the important part of the concept.  It is something we want to recommend to any of you who may like to think about forming a Breakfast Fellowship in your own area.  We welcome any enquiries from prospective Hosts/Hostesses and undertake to give you our encouragement and help which may be needed to set up your own small breakfast group and invite you to leave a message for Sylvia Bullivant or Margaret Loder on the Parish Hotline 01692 408971 or via the 'Contact Us' webpage form on this website.